Immortal Talks - book 1- English- Paperback – Seer Books
Immortal Talks - book 1- English- Paperback
Immortal Talks - book 1- English- Paperback

Immortal Talks - book 1- English- Paperback

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The book starts with two monks secretly observing a group of tribal people in a forested mountain. It appeared that the jungle dwellers were talking to something that was visible for them but invisible for everyone else. Any rational mind would reject their activities as hallucination, but the monks studied them and discovered the talks between an immortal and His secret disciples; the talks that revealed the mysteries of life and secrets of godly powers; the talks that examined the nature of Reality, Karma, Desire, Soul, Destiny, Death, Time, and Space; the talks that described the indescribable; the Immortal Talks.

Contents: Prologue, The Alternate Mother, The Mermaid, Describing the Indescribable, The Strings of Time, Defeating Death, The Cursed Souls

Binding Paperback (160 pages)
ISBN 9788193305201, 8193305201
Edition 1
Genre Philosophy/Fiction
Language English
Publisher Seer
Title Immortal Talks- Book 1
Year 2017

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