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Buddhist Boot Camp -Hardcover – by Timber Hawkeye

Buddhist Boot Camp -Hardcover – by Timber Hawkeye

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Buddhist Boot Camp, a book by Timber Hawkeye, speaks of how the essence of Buddhism can be used for doing good to others. The book describes Buddhism as a religion that is all about training the mind and speaks about boot camp, which is the perfect training method in our present times since the current generation has a very short attention span. The beauty of this book lies in the fact that the chapters inside it can be read in any sequence randomly and are simple and easy to understand.

Each story in the book inspires and motivates the readers and the book provides techniques to enhance the reader's mindfulness. What the book tries to teach is simple - one does not need to be a Buddhist to find the teachings of Lord Buddha inspiring. There are sections in the book that speaks about how flowers continue to smell nice even if people stop smelling them and the sun continues to spread its brightness and keep shining even if people don't praise its beauty. Thus, the book advises that people should continue spreading love unconditionally and be kind to all even if those around them don't reciprocate. It also says that, irrespective of the differences in race, geographical region, religion, colour, gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, flexibility, ability or vulnerability, if you do bad, you feel bad and if you do good, you feel good.

The book explains that it does not matter who and what motivates you, what matters is that you are a better human being than you were yesterday. It can be Mother Teresa's act of charity or Gandhi's values or it may be one of your elderly relative's love that inspires you to do good things in life, but whatever it is you should hold on to it.